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Continuous Improvement Presentation Material

Updated: Apr 24

Below are the notes, materials and documents from the presentation. In addition, information that was requested during the live presentation.

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Here is the full presentation as a PDF File

Download PDF • 12.93MB

One question during the presentations was around what jobs will be impacted by AI? Here is my answer, based on research, Pew Research Center, Poles and Job Stat Companies:

Here are some jobs that could be replaced by AI:

  • Market research analysts: Collect data and identify trends within that data

  • Finance jobs: Financial analysts, personal financial advisors, and other jobs in personal finance that require manipulating significant amounts of numerical data

  • Traders: Trading and investment banking

  • Customer service agents: Chatbots could continue this trend

  • Cashier: Self-checkout systems and mobile payment solutions are reducing the need for traditional cashiers

  • Driver: Autonomous vehicles could replace human drivers

  • Bank teller: AI-powered tools are automating traditional bank teller roles

  • Accountant: AI could augment between 47% and 56% of all job tasks 

According to websites that uses data to predict job replacement, the following sectors have jobs at risk of being replaced by AI:

  • Transportation and material moving

  • Sales and sales-related roles

  • Production

  • Office and administrative support

  • Food preparation and service

  • Business and financial operations 

According to, the following jobs are the safest from AI and robot automation:

  • Nurse Practitioners

  • Choreographers

  • Physician Assistants

  • Mental Health Counselors

  • Nursing Instructors and Teachers, Post-Secondary

  • Coaches and Scouts

  • Athletic Trainers

  • Physical Therapists 

This is a great read to understand the efforts to get to automation

Download PDF • 561KB

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